About Me

Should I do this? Should I not? Should I do this?... That’s probably been me for the last 3 years — kind of like pulling the petals off of a daisy, hoping that the answer would be as simple as going with the “last petal standing.” Although not as easy as that, the fact that I started this blog means I did get my answer.

Greetings to whoever landed on this link! If you find yourself on this page, my prayer is that God brought you here for a reason. Whether just coincidentally (more like God-incidentally) or because someone shared this with you, let me say excitedly, “Welcome!” My name is Eileen Gbajabiamila, homemaker, single mother of 8 children ranging from 2 to 17 years of age. My roots originated in Southern California, but I’m now planted here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Until God says otherwise, this is where my family plans to stay.

I was uprooted from California way back in 2001. October 12th was the day I flew into Green Bay and the day I got married. My (at the time) husband and I made our vows in a small side chapel of Green Bay Community Church on a Friday evening, after his football practice with 2 of his teammates and their significant others as witnesses. We had no big wedding, no reception, no rings. We were just two people who loved God, who loved each other and wanted to begin their lives as one.

I met Kabeer, a former defensive end for the GB Packers, back in 1996. I was the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for San Diego State University and he played for their football team. I won’t go into details but it was a pretty amazing love story. Kabeer was a combination of nerd and stud football player who asked me for girl advice. Eventually he worked his way into my own heart after a long-time friendship and both of our conversions to Christianity. We were married for 16 years, birthed 8 beautiful children, and created a lot of precious memories. Our story, good and bad, doesn’t end there.

My heart has always been to minister to women; young and old. In different seasons throughout my life, I’ve had amazing opportunities. At the age of 47, single (for now😍), and still right in the mix of every stage of raising kids, God has given me the opportunity once again. Never did I think my ministry would come as a divorced woman in her mid-40’s. Never did I think that my marriage and family would be broken apart, and that I would be sharing this story. Never did I think that cult involvement would have anything to do with our lives. Stuff like that was just on TV, nothing that would ever hit close to home. Yet, it did. It found its way directly into ours, wanting to devour everything in its path.

BUT GOD... I hate to use that term as it seems to be such a cliche, but I can’t describe it any other way. Things should have been devastating. Our lives should have been in shambles. We should have been bitter and broken. Satan should have gotten the last laugh from all that he stole from us, BUT that’s not the case — all because of God.

So this is why I chose to finally start this blog; to share my story, to share God’s faithfulness in the midst of the craziest of storms, to be a source of encouragement to anyone, male or female, who is hurting or broken or who can’t make sense of the world around them. My hope and prayer is to spiritually and practically do what I can to strengthen others as God has done with me. The Bible says, “the Father of mercies and God of comfort comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort that He has given us.” (2 Corinthians‬ ‭1:3-5‬) That is my desire.

I mentioned that amazing love story between Kabeer and I. I was hoping it would be part of the story I was to share, with the fairytale ending and the walking off into the sunset. However, that was not case.  There is a more amazing love story to tell, a story where we are all partakers. Jesus, the lover of our souls, the rescuer, the redeemer, the savior and our friend who loves us with an incomparable, an AMAZING LOVE. I pray the peace of my puzzle will help you find God’s amazing love in your story.

—Eileen Gbajabiamila