Things should have been devastating. Our lives should have been in shambles. We should have been bitter and broken. Satan should have gotten the last laugh from all that he stole from us, BUT that’s not the case — all because of God.

—Eileen Gbajabiamila

Greetings to whoever landed on this link! If you find yourself on this page, my prayer is that God brought you here for a reason. Whether just coincidentally or because someone shared this with you, let me say excitedly, “Welcome!!” My name is Eileen Gbajabiamila, homemaker, single mother of 8 children ranging from 2 to 17 years of age and I have a story to tell. 

I have seen God’s faithfulness in the midst of the craziest of storms. This blog exists to be a source of encouragement to anyone who is hurting or broken or who can’t make sense of the world around them. My hope and prayer is to spiritually and practically do what I can to strengthen others as God has done with me.

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